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Products, Services & Solutions

    -New Equipment:
    R-G Sales represents a wide variety of new products to help meet your H.V.A.C. needs.
    For more information on each manufacturer please click on the buttons to the left or
    contact us.

    R-G Sales will get your equipment back online with manufacturer approved aftermarket


    -Inspection Preparation:
    Most boilers require an annual inspection in order to renew the government inspection
   certificate.  Even if an annual inspection is not required we recommend that a fireside
   inspection be done.

    Click the following link for more information on government
Pressure Equipment Inspections.

    -Combustion Analysis:
    Complete fuel/air ratio testing and adjustment to ensure optimum efficiency.

    -Emergency Service:
    R-G Sales offers 24-Hour emergency service.

    -Parts Installation:
    Just purchased new parts?  Let our factory trained authorized technicians install them
    and save you time.

-Start Up:
    New equipment start-up by factory trained authorized technicians.


-H.V.A.C. Systems:
    Whether designing a new system or renovating an existing system give us a call and let
    us help you with the selection and placement of new equipment.

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